Tony Robbins's article "The 10-day pure energy challenge" presents 12 key factors for obtaining a healthy mind and body and transforming your daily physical health, energy and vitality.

In his first point he recognises the importance of the body’s lymphatic system, emphasising the vital role it plays in cleansing and nourishing our bodies.

What he calls Lymphasizing is simply the act of exercising to stimulate lymphatic flow. However, in many cases this alone is not enough to give our body that extra help needed to get rid of toxins and deliver the nourishment required to our organs, as well as remove any fluid retention.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is proven not only to remove fluid from certain areas of the body, but also detox and nourish us.

Many of my clients report a feeling of increased energy and vitality along with health benefits such as reduced fluid retention in specific areas such as the flank, ankles, and feet, better digestion, increase of mobility and circulation to lower limbs and not to forget, the incredible calming effect on the mind and body during their lymphatic treatment at BRMH.