The 7th Chakra - The Crown

The 7th Chakra – Your connection to Source, is situated in the crown of the head and is the colour purple.

This chakra is joy, acceptance, peace and living in the now with no questions or concerns. It is where we cast off our ego and communicate with the divine. When the crown chakra is balanced, energy can flow freely into the body and be taken to the areas that need it. It also allows our mind to be at rest, knowing that everything and everyone exists for a reason, yet we may never know that reason.

Imbalance in the crown chakra leads to poor energy flow into the body. Leaving us with cynicism, criticism of others and of the beliefs of others.

Physiological symptoms of imbalance may include – confusion, depression, disconnected, inability to communicate.

Physical symptoms mays include – metal and physical health problems.

Affirmations for rebalancing the 7th Chakra include

  • Everything is as it should be

  • I accept myself

  • I am grateful for everything

  • I am safe, loved and protected

  • I appreciate the beauty of the earth

  • I honour all people

  • I honour my divine spirit

  • I know my higher purpose

  • I trust

  • My soul lives beauty, harmony, peace, and joy.

The sixth and seventh chakra are a powerhouse of energy that you can learn to use for yourself but first you must look at and address anything that is holding you back in the lower chakra systems and deal with them accordingly.

Another way to unblock and balance your chakras is energy healing such as Reiki.

Regular sessions keep our energetic health in order which then flows on to our mental and physical health. If you would like to book in for a Reiki session with Capri you can do so here.