The 5th Chakra - the Throat

The 5th Chakra is the throat chakra. Situated in the throat and is blue in colour.

It is also the centre for will power.

The most important thing about the throat chakra is that it will cause your other chakras to be out of balance if you do not speak your truth. How do you learn what your truth is?

Begin by listening to your heart and silence your mind. Mediation and practicing mindfulness are very important here so you can quiet your mind and open up access to your heart. When your heart speaks, your truth begins to shine.

Psychological symptoms of the throat chakra being blocked, or imbalance may include - anxiety, fear, gossiping, inability to communicate, negative thinking, over critical, ADHD.

Physical symptoms may include - stiff neck, sore throat, thyroid issues.

Ways to heal your throat chakra include – speaking gratitude, checking your thoughts before you speak them, stop being critical of others and/or gossiping, check in on your addictions which can be alcohol, food, drug, social media related and leave them behind.

Affirmations to help with clearing the throat chakra include

  • I am always true to my heart when I speak

  • I listen to the truth of others

  • My willpower is aligned with my energy

  • I only speak my truth

  • I express my truth as creatively as possible

  • I speak my heart truth with care and compassion

  • I communicate via my heart

  • I share my truth honestly

  • I have power over my own will

  • I only use my voice for goodness and love

  • My energy is only used for good, my voice is only used for loving truth

  • I hear my inner truth and listen

  • My personal integrity is my heart truth

Another way to unblock and balance your chakras is energy healing such as Reiki.

Regular sessions keep our energetic health in order which then flows on to our mental and physical health. If you would like to book in for a Reiki session with Capri you can do so here.

  • My heart shows my mind the way

  • I express sincerer gratitude for my blessings