The 4th Chakra - The Heart

The 4th Chakra – the Heart Chakra is situated in our chest and is captured by the colour green.

With the fourth chakra we are moving away form the physical sense and more into the energetic and spiritual planes.

It is the bridge between the physical awareness and the energetic awareness. It is also the power centre of the body. It is where love begins, it is where energy meets physical, where we start to let go of the physical restrictions such as time and space. It is our place of stability and balance. It is where we realise that we are learning and need not be disturbed by the environment. We learn here that we need to look after and love yourself to be able to look after and love others.

The heart chakra responds to self-care – caring for yourself is vital to keep healthy energy running through the heart. Lack of self-care, living in a painful past, being unforgiving and reliving painful experiences can lead to blockages and an unhealthy heart chakra.

Psychological symptoms of this include being apathetic, over critical, detached and unfaithful.

Physical symptoms can include, back pain, breast problems, premature aging, shoulder pain, respiratory and heart issues.

Ways to unblock, encourage a healthy flow of energy through the heart chakra include the following; do things you love – every single day, learn something new, nurture yourself, meditate, stop blaming others and/or yourself, forgive others and/or yourself.

Some affirmations that maybe helpful include:

  • I am peace

  • I am love

  • I anchor my heart in love

  • I choose peace

  • I listen to my heart

  • I live in joy and peace

  • I maintain my inner calm

  • Love heals me

  • The internal me is steady, pure and grounded in universal energy

Another way to unblock and balance your chakras is energy healing such as Reiki.

Regular sessions keep our energetic health in order which then flows on to our mental and physical health. If you would like to book in for a Reiki session with Capri you can do so here.