The 2nd Chakra - Sacral Chakra

The Second Chakra – the Sacral Chakra is in the sacrum and is characterised by the colour orange.

This chakra is the centre of self-esteem, frustration, sexuality and sensuality and often linked with life lessons involving blame, guilt, sex, power and control. It is the baseline for your morality. It is where emotional turmoil and addictions have their roots and our beliefs about money.

The first and second chakra are intricately woven together. With the first chakra encompassing energy from the group you grow up and live within, whilst the second is your own place and sense of self within the group.

The second chakra is also our pleasure centre and linked to our need to control. It holds our creative energy, our financial energy, our sexual energy, the control of others and any loss of a child or abortion energy.

Some psychological symptoms of imbalance or blockage of the sacral chakra include: Jealousy, additions, dependency issues, eating disorders, emotional imbalances, low self-confidence and low libido.

Some physical symptoms include: Chronic lower back pain, Dysfunctional menstrual cycles, infertility, kidney and intestinal issues, sexual disorders.

Healing the sacral chakra is again very personal to everyone. Some suggestions include: balancing your other chakras, be creative like a child, dance, play, tone up, let go of negative thoughts and emotions, work through the steps of grief when you lose someone or a pet, come to terms with the loss of a child or abortion.

Affirmations that may be useful include:

  • Goodness, beauty and joy resonate within in

  • Healing occurs each time I rest

  • I am creative

  • I am grateful for the joy of being me

  • I am joyful

  • I am open to the magic of the universe

  • Creativity fuels my spirit and brings me joy

  • I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way

  • I am spontaneous

  • I embrace my sensuality and sexuality

  • I go with the flow with grace and ease

  • I honour my body and treat it with respect

  • I love and respect myself

  • I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath I take

  • I reclaim my personal power

  • I trust my intuition

  • Its fine to take care of myself and relax

  • I trust the process of my life

  • Rest and play are a regular part of my healthy life

  • The universe is full of sweetness and beauty​

Another way to unblock and balance your chakras is energy healing such as Reiki.

Regular sessions keep our energetic health in order which then flows on to our mental and physical health. If you would like to book in for a Reiki session with Capri you can do so here.