All about Reiki

Pronounced ‘Ray-Key’, it is a Japanese form of therapy, developed in the late 19th Century that aims to increase energy levels and promote relaxation and wellbeing.

Reiki is a meditative practice that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes a positive mental state through gentle touch which involves the placing of the therapist’s or patient’s hands on various locations on the patient’s body to promote relaxation and a sense of calm.

It is a complementary therapy – used in healthcare as a complement to—never as a substitute for— a patients’ regular medical treatment and medications. Reiki supports the body’s natural healing abilities assisting with relief of side effects, reducing pain and promoting wellness.

Since the early 1990s, Reiki therapy has been used with greater regularity in healthcare settings. Over 900 U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems use Reiki as a complementary therapy. In Australia, it is currently being provided in many hospitals, nursing homes, palliative care hospices and community service settings. The system of reiki works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to support the relief of side effects, reduce pain and promote wellness. Reiki is not harmful to patients in any way, and is also safe to use in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation, and medications used in the medical treatment of cancer.

During a reiki session, the practitioner places their hands either directly on you or just above you to bring about healing. The belief is that the practitioner is able to stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities.

benefits of Reiki

Boosts mood

Reiki may help to improve your mood by relieving anxiety and depression. According to results from a 2011 study, people who had reiki felt greater mood benefits compared to people who didn’t have reiki. The study participants who had six 30-minute sessions over a period of two to eight weeks showed improvements in their mood.

Enhances quality of life

The positive benefits of reiki can also enhance your overall well-being. In another small study in 2016, researchers found that Reiki was helpful in improving the quality of life for women with cancer. The Women who had reiki showed improvements to their sleep patterns, self-confidence, and depression levels. They also noted a sense of calm, inner peace, and relaxation. Again this was a small study, so larger and more in depth studies should be undertaken to get a better understanding.

Relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue

A review of randomized trials, found that reiki may help to reduce pain and anxiety and it may also reduce fatigue, although it is noted that more research is needed.

A study in 2015 found that patients being treated for cancer who received distant reiki in addition to regular medical care had lower levels of pain, anxiety, and fatigue. These levels were significantly lower than the control group, who only received medical care. Participants had 30-minute sessions of distant reiki for five days.

Another study in 2018 compared the use of reiki to physiotherapy for relieving lower back pain in people with herniated disks. Both treatments were found to be equally effective at relieving pain, but reiki was more cost-effective and, in some cases, resulted in faster treatment.

Treats depression

Reiki treatments can be used as part of a treatment plan to help relieve depression. In a small study in 2010, researchers looked at the effects of reiki on older adults experiencing pain, depression and or anxiety. Researchers looked at the effects of reiki on older adults experiencing pain, depression, or anxiety. The participants reported an improvement of their physical symptoms, mood, and well-being. They also reported more feelings of relaxation and enhanced levels of self-care. However it is noted this was a small study and therefore larger, more in-depth studies are required to expand upon these findings.

May improve the below symptoms and conditions

  • headache

  • tension

  • insomnia

  • nausea

The relaxation response that happens with Reiki may benefit these symptoms. However, specific research is needed to determine the efficacy of reiki for the treatment of these symptoms and conditions.

What can you expect in your reiki session with me?

If it is your first reiki appointment you will need to fill in an intake and consent form. We will then have a short chat about the process and your expectations or intentions. This is also where you can let me know if you have any symptoms or issues that you would specifically like to address in the session.

You lay down on the treatment table for your session. To assist you with relaxation, I usually have soothing music playing, darken down the room and cover you with a blanket. I then move my hands around the body, sometimes lightly touching you or holding my hands just above you.

You may experience sensations in the body such as heat or tingling. Some people report seeing visualizations such as colors or pictures, or having memories appear. Try to allow whatever arises to pass without attaching too much meaning to it. Your experiences may become deeper the more you continue with reiki.

At the end of the session, we will have time for a second short chat to discuss the treatment, feel free to share with me what you felt in the session and any questions that may arise.

How to prepare for your appointment

Wear clean, loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Remove your shoes, jewelry, and glasses before your session, and keep your phone switched off or leave it behind.

What to expect after your appointment

Drink plenty of water after your session. Some people feel calm, peaceful, or energized

however some people feel quite tired. There are also some people who experience what we call a healing crisis, don’t worry it sounds worse then what it is. You may feel strong emotions for a day or so or experience soreness in the body, but this will pass after 24 hours and then you should start to improve and settle into the healing.

If you would like to book in for a Reiki treatment, you can send us a message or book online here.